How Can You Help?

Contact your representatives.

Contact your area humane or animal control officers and compile data regarding cruelty statistics in your area.

Contact other welfare groups who are affected by animal cruelty, including domestic violence advocates, and ask for their support.

Prepare to lobby, make a flier or pamphlet expressing your views to hand out in Pierre.

Prepare to testify, research your testimony and practice vocalizing it.

Create fliers about the issue to post in your area.

Plan events to rally supporters.

Contact your area media outlets and ask them to run a story on the need for new animal legislation.

Bark The Vote Needs You!

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Outline for a Letter to your Legislator.

Honorable Senator or Representative Name

Dear Senator or Representative Name,

I am a constituent of District XX. In 2009 I was a supporter of HB 1146. Had this bill passed it would have increased the penalties for certain types of animal cruelty, torture and mutilation to a Class 6 felony. I am asking for your help in making this change a reality in 2010.
   *  Avoid mentioning that you "are a taxpayer," or "I am a voter." Instead say, "I am a constituent," or "I am a supporter of the legislation of (the legislators name)."

Include a personal paragraph here giving your reasons for supporting this change. Offer your thoughts, feelings and experiences as background. Discuss how you feel this will impact your community. Be brief, be concise, be real. It is important to remind them you are an ordinary citizen, not a part of a larger, outside special interest group such as HSUS or PETA, etc. Major opposition for this bill sited the involvement of these groups as a deterrent for supporting it. If you work regularly with a LOCAL shelter or rescue you can mention your efforts as a supporter. However, remember that organizations with 501c3 non profit status are limited in how much, how often and exactly how they go about lobbying. Be aware your mention of them may affect that. Read more here for examples in other states, but most apply here as well.

Include a paragraph thanking them for their attention, and also for past support that you are aware of. Tell them you look forward to working with them in the future on this important topic.

Your Name